Online Cricket Betting Tips That Will Help You to Win More Money

Indians love to play free slot games, but they love to bet on sports even more, especially if that sport is cricket. However, betting can become quite annoying when you lose more than you win. If you heed the advice that we are about to give you for online cricket betting, we guarantee that you will find that you start to win more than you lose.

Tips for Online Cricket Betting

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Before you start wagering your real money on online cricket betting, you really have to take a few things into consideration. Two important things that you need to look at before placing a wager are the weather and the pitch.

The Weather

The weather can play a major part in any outdoor sport, but we do not think that it is an exaggeration to say that cricket is more affected by the weather than any other sport. The weather can be a friend or enemy to a cricket player and all on the same day. For instance, batsmen love to bat when the sun is out, and it is hot as the ball will not react a lot off the pitch. However, if the conditions are grey and overcast, batting becomes a lot harder as the ball will start to move around a lot. Furthermore, cricket is a sport that cannot be played when it is raining, so it is not rare to see large portions of a game be washed away. Thus, we recommend that you take a look at the weather forecast before you finalise your bet.

The Pitch

The pitch can also play a huge part in who wins and who loses. Cricket is such an exciting sport as the different pitches across the globe have particular characteristics. For instance, in New Zealand and England, the pitches are usually covered with a layer of grass, which offers great swing assistance to the team that wins the toss and bats first. On the other hand, in India and Pakistan, for example, you will find dry pitches with no grass and plenty of cracks. Batting last on such a wicket is hard. Therefore, before you place a wager, make sure you get as much information about the pitch as you possibly can.

What Are the Different Cricket Betting Markets Available?

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What makes cricket such a popular sport to bet on is the fact that there are plenty of different markers that you can stick your money on. To add to this, there are cricket competitions taking place, so you will never be short of anything to bet on. So, what are some of the most popular cricket betting markets? Well, we have listed them below.

  • The team that will win the match
  • Top scorer
  • Top wicket taker
  • The coin toss winner
  • If a century will be scored
  • The number of runs scored in the match
  • How the next dismissed batsman will get out

N.B. This is just a small selection to give you an idea as to what you can find. To find out what else is on offer, just head on over to the cricket page that your sportsbook provides.

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